week 2

2 to 3 pages

Using your chosen organization, identify individuals within the organization who you could use to form a coalition.
List your relationship to these individuals.
If you are using an organization that you are not currently involved in, place yourself in a position within the organization (with the exclusion of executive management positions, such as president).
Discuss why these individuals would be assets for your proposed change.
Using the leadership style that you identified for the Discussion Board this week, identify how you would obtain an emotional commitment from these individuals.
Is this commitment is based on personal loyalty or a professional loyalty?

600 to 800 words

Find 3 articles about leadership.
Briefly describe what you learned from the articles about leadership.
Discuss what you learned about the traits and skills discussed in the articles that you would like to add to your personal leadership style.
Consider how the articles have changed your thoughts on leadership.