Week 3

2 to 3 pages

Develop a vision for change for your selected organization, stating the following 5 factors:

  • Identify the change that you would like to see in your organization. Explain why this change is beneficial to your organization.
  • Determine what values are important for this change.
  • Identify steps that you can take to begin the change process.
    • Address any barriers that may arise, such as resistance to change.
  • Address the concerns that may arise from your coworkers or those you supervise about the proposed change.
    • Identify some specific steps that can be taken to address any resistance to change.
  • Discuss why your personal leadership style is an asset or a deficiency to the proposed change.
                                   2 pages

For this assignment, you will find 2 articles that closely reflect the focus of your concentration. Find your concentration from the following list, select 1 of the topics, and write a paper of 2 pages:

  • For OB psychology
    • Topic 1: Conflict in the workplace
    • Topic 2: Workplace relationships
  • For CB psychology
    • Topic 1: Customer satisfaction
    • Topic 2: Training and development
  • For general psychology
    • Topic 1: Personalities in the workplace
    • Topic 2: Motivation in the workplace