5 Suggestions for Redemptive Use of Language

  • Write a summary of what you understand of the 5 Suggestions for Redemptive Use of Language – intelligible, worthy, etc (1/2 page),
  • Give an analysis and discuss what you understand from them by connecting 2 of the 5 to a topical and/or news event, eg. Jack Ma resurfacing, Ms Amanda Gorman, South American football, K-pop, transnational crime in the age of Covid-19, etc (1 page),
  • No referencing or bibliography of sources needed

The analysis/discussion should consider one or some of the following – political / social questions, ethical / environmental implications and even religious impact around the topic of communication.

You will be graded on:

1. Clear explanation with analysis and discussion connected to the topical or what’s happening around the world.

2. Paragraphs with Arial or Times New Roman size 12 font, single-spaced

3. No cover page needed, just your name and course section in the top-right header please.

4. Maximum 2 pages. No need to ask what the minimum is as you can see from the above of the average number required.

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