ACC 564 Week 6 Discussion

Discussion 1

“revenue cycle” please respond to the following:
• from the e-activity, examine the steps necessary to complete a sale and discuss how the sales order process is integrated with other processes (credit and collections, delivery, etc.). indicate your overall satisfaction with the process.
• from the e-activity, recommend at least one improvement in the website’s sales order process you would implement to make it more efficient in order to improve the customer experience. then, assess whether the recommendation meant to benefits the clients warrants the potential cost of implementation for the company. provide specific examples to support your response.

**e-activity: visit a website (itunes,, etc.) that sells goods and services. be prepared to discuss.

discussion 2
“expenditure cycle” please respond to the following:
• using your own present or previous place of work as an example, propose a method for mitigating the problem of separate departments (e.g., academics, student services, information technology, etc.) ordering the same item.
• from the proposal above, discuss the possible issues that implementing the proposed method would cause to the organization. suggest additional controls that you would put into place to overcome the issues. provide specific examples to support your response.

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