Appraising the Evidence Guidelines

Appraising the Evidence Guidelines

Apply research principles to the interpretation of the content of published research studies.  Evaluate published nursing research for credibility and clinical significance related to evidence- based practice.

Thepaperwill includethefollowing.

  1. Clinical question
    1. Descriptionof problem
    2. Significanceof problem
    3. Purpose ofpaper
  2. Descriptionof findings
    1. Summarizebasicsin the Matrix Tableasfound in Assignment Documentsin e-Colleg
    2. Describe
      1. Concepts
      2. Methodsused
  • Participants
  1. Instrumentsincluding reliability and validity
  2. Answer to “Purpose”question
  3. Identifynextstep for group
  1. Conclusionof paper
  2. Format
    1. Correctgrammar and spelling
    2. Useof headingsforeach section
    3. Useof APA format(sixthedition)
    4. Pagelength:threepages
  3. Paper should includeatitle page and a referencepage.

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