Assignment 5

Globalization, high expertise availability in few locations, stringent quality and short delivery time and many new developments are giving rise to  online interactive real time working platforms at geographically dispersed centres. These are now a reality in many industries like IT, R&D, sophisticated logistics and supply chain, top level consultancy. For this,organization structure and working systems are also changing.  Sophisticated Virtual teams are emerging as a way to manage multi-location multi-skill networked teams Consequently,leaders must  understand the fast changing business environment, evolving market dynamics, disrupting technologies transforming business organizations.  These require different leadership styles to direct, communicate, motivate people and align values in dispersed areas. Can you find out how informal leadership can build a cohesive team from such diverse group of team members and strive for success.

Your write up should be of minimum 2000 words and must have at least 10 quality references with website page LINKS and not from ebooks or google books.

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