BBA325 PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Assignment -Task Brief & Rubrics

BBA325 PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Assignment -Task Brief & Rubrics
Assignment & Deliverables
1) Select a topic relevant to Portfolio Management which is having wide media exposure or that you believe will be a key topic in the next few years which happens to be as well of your interest/curiosity and briefly elaborate a 3-5 page document (if individual) or a 5-10 page document if group (maximum 3 people). Make sure your topic is “clear” previously by your professor.
Ideas: Social Impact Funds, Yale Endowment Model, WeWork deal, Passive vs Active Investing, ETFs growth, ESG funds, Sustainability Funds, FAANG Stocks, Tesla, Softbank Vision Fund, MBS Vision 2030, Robot Advisors, Crypto Currencies, Warren Buffett, Goldman Sachs & Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley & E-Trade, Melinda & Gates Foundation, Value vs Growth Styles, The Carlyle Group, BlackRock & ETFs, Hedge Funds Returns, Your Investment Portfolio, Value & Growth Styles Investing , Lehman Collapse, Central Banks & Markets,…
2) Assignment (Document) Content:

 Introduction:

i. Briefly describe your topic and the reason why you choose it. ii. Why you think could be relevance for Portfolio Management or the Capital Markets? iii. A Brief history and why may have been on the financial media coverage or academic literature?

 Main Body: i. A Brief history about it. ii. To whom it is relevance: Investors types, Portfolio Managers Styles, Governments, Investment vehicles,… iii. What is your opinion, thoughts or its significance? iv. Arguments presented for or against by the professional industry & media coverage.

 Conclusion: i. Your overall opinion(s) about it. ii. How do you see it developing in the coming years?

3) Individual / Group Presentation :

 A 3 minutes (if individual) to 5 minutes (group) in-class presentation is expected with maximum of 3 PowerPoint slides (if at all) staying why you choose your topic, why has been or will be in the economic media and your main conclusions / thoughts about it. If time allowed there would be 1-2 questions ask.  This is an individual or group assignment. This task is worth 30% of your overall grade for this subject. The report is required to be submitted in PDF format on Turnitin.
Deadline for Turnitin submission: 3th April 23:59pm (Unit 10). Individual or Group Presentation: 17th April, 2020 (Unit 11)

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