BUAD 2000, Career Development I Action Verb and Transferable Skill In-class Activity

BUAD 2000, Career Development I Action Verb and Transferable Skill In-class Activity20 points

A resume is more than a collection of past work or volunteer experiences.  It is a branding tool that must compel a potential employer to want to read with interest and desire in consideration of candidates who can meet their employment needs.  Wise job seekers capitalize upon the use of action verbs and transferable skills to promote their profile.  Although it is sometimes challenging to think of ourselves as qualified candidates who possess of desirable skills when we may not have relevant experience, understanding how to use action verbs and transferable skills in our resumes makes it easier for an employer to recognize our value.  It all starts with an awareness of what action verbs and transferable skills are and how they are used in a resume.

An action verb can:

  • describe what the subject of the sentence is doing (present tense) or has done (past tense);
  • convey emotion, purpose, and power; and
Best of all, sometimes the skill and the action verb are the same thing!  

create interest in your text.  All this without the use of personal pronouns me, my, and I.

A transferable skill will:

  • express how a skill was acquired and applied previously, be it employment, service, classroom activity;
  • demonstrate a job seeker knows the value of the skill when s/he weaves it into resume text;
  • draw attention by a trained resume reviewer who is sourcing for that skill; and
  • appear in search results through applicant tracking.

A gerund, a word ending in “ing” serves as a subject, not a verb in resume writing.  Its presentation is boring.  Do not use it!

Complete the rest of the table to gain an understanding of how to compose action statements with transferable skills in your resume.  You will receive one point for each skill and its variations; two points for each phrase.

Transferable SkillAction Verb (present tense)Action Verb (past tense)Gerund How else might you use it?  Begin your statement with an action verb that is different from the transferable skill.  See below.  
AnalysisAnalyzeAnalyzedAnalyzingDemonstrated the ability to analyze
CollaborationCollaborateCollaboratedCollaboratingPractice collaboration skills by…
CommunicationCommunicateCommunicatedCommunicatingRefined written communication when…

Flip the page for tips to identify more verbs/skills

Consider using the two options listed below to vary your verb usage when composing your documents.

  1. When composing resume text, keep a blank document open, place your cursor next to the word you want to alter, right click, and locate a synonym.
  • Use the Action Verbsoption in the document editor in Optimal Resume or the list of Action Verbs included with the Resume Assignment Requirements.

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