California songs

An essay about California song 2-3 pages long. Describe the song.

Here some Examples you can choose one of them or you can choose another song from your own :

California Dreamin’

California King Bed. by Rihanna

Hotel California. by The Eagles

California Girls, by The Beach boys

California Gurls, by Katy Perry

California Love, by Tupac

California, Here I come, by Al Jolson

California, by Phantom Planet

California sun

West coast by Lana Del Rey

Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

Hooray for Hollywood


– Identify the title of the song and the artist who preformed it

– Summarize in a couple of sentences what happens in the song, the story that it tells.

– determine the overall impression of California or a place in California that the song portrays

> What is the main image of the state or location within the state that someone would get from the song?

– Highlight the specific details in the lyrics that reinforce this overall impression.

– Choose one of those details to quote, summarize, or paraphrase.

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