Case Analysis paper

Case Analysis


Use the IRAC method to outline Reid v. Covert or Duncan v. Kahanamoku  or Boumediene v. Bush.

  • The IRAC method is described in Content, Week 2, Historical Perspective Module, Commentary, The Indian Dilemma.
  • Produce a four to six page analysis using the IRAC-issueruleanalysisconclusionmethod in the module 2 commentary.
  • IRAC is a method used to deconstruct a judicial opinion, but it can be used for anything that you read. Identifying and assessing the merits of an argument or position are academic skills that you will continue to apply and develop.
  • Use this template for your paper with the American Psychological Association (APA) style and format, 6th edition.
  • Note that no additional research is required. All the information is contained in the case.

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