You should write up your World Museums Project in any word processing program, save your document

in a standard format (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt are all fine; avoid saving it as a .pdf or .pages document) and

upload into the assignment found on Blackboard in the World Museums Project area of the course menu.


STEP 1. Your assignment is to virtually “visit” 4 international museums with renowned Egyptian


• the British Museum in London,

• the Louvre Museum in Paris,

• the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and

• the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Use the url links provided below to get started:

British Museum –

search highlight objects from the Egyptian collection


Louvre Museum –

search Egyptian antiquities –

highlights of Egyptian collection

The Metropolitan Museum of Art –

Met Museum – browse and search the Egyptian collection –

University of Pennsylvania Museum –

Egyptian objects on display –[]=y


STEP 2. Pick one ancient Egyptian object from each museum, making sure that all 4 objects are linked

by a common thread: they must be the same or similar type of object, share the same or similar function,

and say something about a single topic or theme in Egyptian archaeology, art, society, religion, etc.

Begin your assignment by putting your name at the top of the page. Then, provide a list of your 4 objects

including (for each individual object):

• the url link from the museum’s website,

• the title of the object as supplied by the museum’s website

• the registration/accession/object number as supplied by the museum’s website

So, the start of your World Museums Project should look like this if you were using the 4 objects

illustrated at the end of this document (information in italic font is provided for instructional purposes on

how/where to find the object’s number):

o (see the illustrated instructions at the end of this document for details on this)

click here to access the answer..

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