CRJ 301 Module 4

Directions:Answer the questions below.  Your written responses should be at least one half of one page in length and should utilize APA guidelines for formatting and citations.  Please cite examples from the textbook, when applicable.

1.      The word “theft” in its broadest sense describes many forms of criminal conduct. Write an essay on the things that make theft a crime including special attention given to the concept of “ownership.”

2.      Theft must be committed by one who does not have possession against one who does have possession to constitute larceny. Describe the law and/or statutes that recognized that a man can be convicted of theft of personal property from his wife (married women’s property acts).

3.      Al goes to an illegal casino. He gambles and loses heavily. He then pulls a gun and recaptures the money lost to illegal gambling. He is arrested and charged with robbery. Is he guilty? Why or why not?

4.      Outline the elements of the “self-help doctrine”. Give examples in your essay on the self-help doctrine and how it affects life situations.

5.      Please discuss the elements of the crime of burglary in depth (please refer to list below).  How does your state define the crime of burglary?

  1. the breaking
  2. the entering
  3. the dwelling house
  4. another person
  5. the nighttime
  6. the intent to commit a felony

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