designing your database and tables

1-Scenario: Think of an opportunity in your personal, academic, or professional life in which you could use a database (ordering supplies, tracking inventory, maintaining a customer mailing list, organizing a library, etc.).

Answer the following questions:

What guidelines would you use for designing your database and tables?

Who would your end users be and how would you accommodate their needs through your design?

Explain how you would use filters or queries. What’s the difference between a filter and a query?

What kinds of reports would you run? Why?

2-Scenario: You’ve been asked to give a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation in one of your classes, at work or for a family/friends occasion (you choose which class, work or family/friends occasion).

Answer the following questions:

What will you do before you begin to work on the PowerPoint presentation? How will you organize your materials? Why? What is the topic of your presentation?

Who is your audience? How will you create a presentation that is appropriate for your audience?

How do you know how many slides to add for a 10-minute presentation?

PowerPoint has four different views. Explain how you may use each of the views while you are developing your presentation.

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