developmental areas

You are in charge of training new parents in recognizing and understanding the changes their children will go through in the first two years of life. Based on your textbook readings, study, and this module/week’s presentation, what major developmental areas should parents be aware of? Include at least 1 major area from each of the chapters/domains (biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial). In your thread, do the following:

  • Consider 5 major developmental areas (at least 1 from each chapter/domain) you would cover and prioritize them in a numbered list  (with #1 being the most important) at the beginning of your post. Your choices must focus on developmental areas (example: physical growth, brain development, language, etc.) rather than parenting or environmental concerns (such as immunizations, nutrition, sleep, etc.).
  • Following your prioritized list, provide a strong, concise write-up of 250–400 words to support your reasoning.
  • Be sure to reference spiritual formation.
  • Use current APA citations and reference your source at the end of each post (including reply posts).

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