Disscusion 150 words

Look anywhere around your home or office and you are sure to find products from every corner of the world. Even products that may be labeled as “Made in (fill in the blank)” are generally assembled from components made in many other countries. The grocery store is another excellent place to observe the phenomenon of global trade. Let’s discuss this!

  • Identify one product in your home that is made elsewhere. Why was this product imported? (Hint: think comparative advantage and mutual gains from trade)
  • Some oppose free trade. What are their reasons and how does this apply to the product you identified in our first prompt?
  • If a trade restraint (i.e. a quota or tariff) were imposed on the product you identified what affect do you think this would have had on you and your purchase?

Discussion 2 150 words

Audience interest doesn’t just happen magically. Interest is garnered by carefully planning and utilizing strategies of attention. Other requirements for keeping the audience’s attention are being organized and having engaging visual aids. In this discussion, you will learn from one another how to make an effective presentation.

Please respond to all of the following prompts:

  • For your classmate’s critique, write the first paragraph for a panel discussion in which you introduce the keynote speaker. Your objective is to gain and keep your class members’ attention.
  • Describe three visual aids that would enhance a speech of a topic of your choice.

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