◦What is my company, service, product or cause?

            Follow-Up E-mail

Elevator pitch questions.

◦What is my company, service, product or cause?

◦Who are my customers?

◦What problem do I solve?

◦How am I different

◦To similar products

◦To the competition

◦How do my customers benefit?

follow up email.

◦Goal of follow-up is to both thank the potential client and set the groundwork for a follow-up meeting

◦You will need to craft something that grabs the attention, stands out from the rest of the inbox content, and immediately suggests what the email is about.

Email subject line: include “thanks” in subject line; limit characters under 65. (2 pts)

◦DO NOT EMAIL ME – put into a word document and submit to Canvas

Body of email: (16 pts)

◦Begin by thanking the prospect for their time and reminding them of time/place of your meeting

◦Provide a brief recap of your elevator pitch

Action: ask if you can follow-up with a phone call next week and provide specific times that your available and ask if any of those times are convenient for your potential client. Also, ask for a phone number to call them.

Professional closing – Thanks again, Name, business, email, phone #. (2 pts)





hi, you simply need to write a 30-40 second (one paragraph) elevator pitch about any company and a follow up email

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i wrote the questions that you need to answer

do not worry about the presenting that is not needed.


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