1-2 page essay

1-2 page essay

This is a group project topic : How Marginalized Groups of People are affected by Lack of Education and Resources in Terms of Sexual Health

I already uploaded the group outline and proposal. I am doing the STDs/HIV part only. please help me write a 2 page essay with 2 academic sources.

 comm class sexual health description 2 pages, Double Spacing

only work on the specified part, which is assigned to the student, use 2 refs and cite

Answer Preview…………….

Lack of education for the minority groups has contributed to the HIV and STI pandemic.  Indeed health disparities occur with more HIV infections occurring in the communities of people of color. Coupled to lack of adequate care facilities to this population inadequate education is one of the major factors that can be attributed to the health disparity.  According to research……………..

APA 647 words

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