150 word minimum response to each one

> Discussion Questions.  150 word minimum response to each one.
> ◾In the aftermath of the 2012 Penn State child abuse scandal, a number of states have instituted universal child abuse reporting laws. Are these laws a good idea? Why or why not? How can we
> best minimize both the underreporting and over reporting of child abuse?
> ◾Some states have a presumption against awarding custody to a parent who perpetrates domestic violence? Why or why not? What does the research tell us about the influence of intimate partner
> abuse on children? Is the research sufficiently compelling to warrant a legal presumption?
> ◾How would you explain the resistance to recognizing domestic violence as a crime?
> ◾To what extent should the law criminalize cybertalking, cyberharassment, and cyberbullying? Where do you think the line should be drawn? What do you think the appropriate consequences should
> be?

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