1pages essay of the US history

1pages essay of the US history

compare and contrast to colonists massachusetts bay and chesapeake bay


please include :

how’s is native Ameican relationship with people who live in Jamestown

there relationship with native american

how is there economy,trade

2 thing they trade with colonists

essay  histoy description 1 pages, Single Spacing
550 words, single spaced
refs and cite

Answer Preview…………….

The colonists of the Massachusetts Bay and those of Chesapeake Bay had a common motive when they embarked in colonization; they both believed that true happiness lies away from their home. These settlements aimed at expanding their boundaries as well as their horizons. They both did not mind suffering and going through pain in their pursuit of happiness. For example, during their voyages to their New World, many died due to the cold weather,…………………

APA 625 words

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