2 page research/hypothesis question on Israeli/Palestinian conflict

2 page research/hypothesis question on Israeli/Palestinian conflict

For your FINAL research paper in this course, you will demonstrate your ability to synthesize discipline specific material. This is a task-based exercise, 12-15 pages in length. For this assignment, you are required to choose a current ongoing conflict and to assess the prospects for peace. This conflict can be an event that will be included in your final assignment. Please see information below.

Title Page of the Paper: The title of your paper should be brief but should adequately inform the reader of your general topic and the specific focus of your research. Keywords relating to parameters, population, and other specifics are useful. The Title Page must include the title, name, course name and number, and Professor’s Name.

Introduction, Research Question, and Hypothesis: This section shall provide an overview of the topic that you are writing about, which is in line with this course’s overview and objectives. It shall include a concise synopsis of the issues, and why the topic presents a “puzzle” that prompts your research questions, which you will include.

References Page: This assignment should have a minimum of 10 scholarly and/or peer-reviewed references you will use for future assignments (i.e. literature review and theoretical framework). NOTE: www.history.com, www.military, news media outlets, and nonprofit websites are not considered scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

Technical Requirements:

Length: 1-2 pages, double spaced, 1″ margins, and 12 pitch type in Times New Roman font, not including cover and reference pages.

Citations/References: You must use Turabian formatting standards, parenthetical style for this assignment.

Please maintain an impartial view for the research.

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The Palestinian/Israeli conflict has taken place for several decades. People and countries around the world have experienced a hard time debating about the legal owner of the land that brings conflict between Palestinians and Israelis (Scham et al., 2016, pg.12). The territories engaged in the conflict involve the Israel nation and the territories occupied by the Palestinians such as the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and the Golan Heights (Abuelaish & Arya, 2017, 10).  Based on the information corrected from the CIA World Fact-book, the size of Israel is relatively larger compared with the New Jersey since it is considered to be 1,068 square kilometers (Morra & Ali,……………

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