20 page paper on martin scorsese

20 page paper on martin scorsese

Paper title: Martin Scorsese

Must include background of his life, most notable films, and how he rose to where he is now.

Structure the paper in a way that is organized, logically flowing, and makes sense. Make sure to complete a good outline before you start writing and include the outline.

i.e. maybe have a section called “famous films” discussing 4 of Scorsese’s most culturally influential films, their budget, their box office success, and elements of the film that were groundbreaking or innovative at the time. Talk about why he won certain awards.

These are just example topics, the entire paper needs to be a thorough review of Scorsese’s life and work that aims to answer an overarching research question such as “Why are Scorsese films so internationally renown?” and the like

20 pages requires a lot of preplanning and thought. The paper is being written from the perspective of someone who was supposed to be doing research on Martin Scorsese for a semester and is a capstone requirement for their major (context).

Paper length: 20 pages

Hi henry, APA formatting please, 20 pages of content not including title page and references

20 full pages
many refs and cite
subheadings in the paper

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