Culture and Nationalism Assignment

Culture and Nationalism Assignment

Instructions:Watch the videos listed below and then answer the questions associated with each.  Type your answer into the appropriate spaces and save the document with your name as part of the file name.  When possible, use complete sentences.  The value of each question is noted below.


After you have answered all of these questions, your combined responses should be between 3.5 and 4 pages in length.


The Road to Nowhere: Yugoslavia


1.How is nationalism defined?  What is its purpose?  (You may use quotes from the video, but be sure to place them within quotation marks.  Also explain what the narrator means in your own words).  10 points.


  1. What is the rhetoric behind nationalism? In other words, what are the Croats and Serbs saying to the interviewer in this video, and how does it relate to nationalism?  10 points.


Mirror, Mirror: Northern Ireland

  1. How is Ulster a mirror of British nationalism? How is “Britishness” an important part of their identity?10 points.


  1. Why have the traditions and symbols of Ulster nationalism continued for so long (even into the 21st century)? 10 points.


  1. What is the tension between Ulster Loyalists in Northern Ireland and the British on the Mainland? 10 points.

Preview of the answer..

This is a feeling that is shared as a group in the significance of geographical or demographical region that is seeking independence for its culture or ethnicity that holds or put together a group. It is expressed or shown as the political ideology or belief that includes individual identifying with or attached to one’s nation or country. It also involves  national identity when compared to the concept of patriotism that involves social conditioning and personal behaviors that a stat’s decisions..

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