Case: GMFC Custom Conveyer Division

we will combine the study of the two. To this end:
1. When elections for unions occur, the process can be very adversarial and contentious, as many elections can be. Put yourself in the position working on a union election. Which of these 3 roles would suit you best and why, knowing the information you now are learning about labor relations:
  • Running the campaign of a union candidate
  • Monitoring election outcomes
  • Informing all parting of legal rules regarding campaign organization and the election process.
Explain your answer .
2. Read the GMFC case on 189 and state your answer to the problem, as listed in the last sentence on 190.
3. What is your opinion of the philosophy-laden approach to employee relations?
preview of the answer..
Union elections are extremely important as they determine the shape the union will take. This is based on the fact that a union is only effective if it has able and effective leaders. As a result of this, union elections are supposed to be conducted in a transparency manner. Members need to be represented by the people they want. In the event people feel the election was not conducted in a satisfying manner, they are likely to leave the union or just become less committed. Under such situations, the union’s..
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