4 tasks

4 tasks

  1. Review readings for Weeks 2 and the “Course Readings and Additional Resources” folder as needed


  1. Read the directions and requirements for the Formal Consulting Agreement assignment: FormalConsultingAgGuidelines.pdf



  1. Review the Formal Consulting Agreements of previous students’ work in the “Exemplars of previous Student Work” located in the left-hand navigation menu


  1. Read at least one article or chapter below on the development of teams:


Duhigg, Charles.  “What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team.” The New York Times Magazine, 25 Feb 2016, nytimes.com



Lepsinger, Richard, and DeRosa, Darleen.  Hoboken, US: Pfeiffer, 2010. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 7 July 2016.  Virtual Team Success: A Practical Guide for


Bruce Tuckman Group Model.pdf



  1. Read Chapter 5 from the Practice of Professional Consulting


  1. Watch this video from Saylor Academy on how to create proposals.




After completing the required readings and viewing materials, discuss what you found most valuable? For example, what will be helpful to you in designing your own client contract agreement? Also, what knowledge did you take away that you can use outside for this class? Please be sure to directly refer to or quote the materials.


Initial posts (300 words) are due by Thursday at 11:59 pm EST and 2 secondary posts (50 – 150 words) to a peer is due by Sunday at 11:59 pm EST.


Think about how you can increase the learning, such as by asking a question.

This an opportunity to step outside of your group and to connect with colleagues who you haven’t been working with so far this term.

Answer Preview…………….

After reviewing the readings and watching materials, I found the video from Saylor Academy on ‘Business Proposals’ as the most valuable material compared to the other resources. The video has beneficial information especially on in the description of the common elements for business proposals. Among the items that are necessary to the proposal, the rhetorical appeals especially the ethos, pathos, and the logos are the one that determines how the client gets convinced that the product intending to be sold to him is worth buying (Saylor Academy, 2012…………..

APA 342 words

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