5-1 Short Paper: Creation of Measurable Outcomes in Co-Occurring Disorders

5-1 Short Paper: Creation of Measurable Outcomes in Co-Occurring Disorders

Find a newspaper article about a person (such as a politician, athlete,
musician, or movie star) whose ethnicity and/or cultural background differs
from your own, who has had an encounter with a system (such as criminal
justice, welfare, unemployment, psychiatric, child welfare services, or the
like), and who also has a co-occurring disorder (such as substance abuse).

Choose a theoretical approach that you would use to guide your work with
this person, and create a chart similar to the intervention grid shown on
page 93 of the text to determine some of the psychological, organizational,
community, and political structures that could be impacting this person.

For this assignment, in addition to the intervention grid, you are required
to write a short paper that provides:

1. Your analysis or evaluation of that person’s social, emotional,
developmental, and economic needs (also include the article link)
2. Trauma-informed goals (at least one behavioral and one that is
3. Specific, measurable milestones of each goal
4. Method(s) of measuring services provided

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Answer Preview…………….

According to the national data statistic presented by Epidemiologic Catchment Area (ECA), more than 10 million in the United States suffer from at least one mental disorder and one substance-related disorder. Many musicians in the country have been found to engage in substance abuse especially drugs. An individual that I found in a news article which is from an ethnic background that differs from mine and has also encounter the criminal justice system is………………..

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