Submit in D2L. Do as individuals, not joint as if says in step one. Follow the format in page 171. It may be hard to get everything on one page, so use whatever space you need. Using a table in word works well. Use the IFE and EFE information from class, not your own. These are in the SWOT IFE/EFE unit. The purpose of this exercise is to come up with several possible strategies, not the one or two you will eventually choose. In addition to the 2 steps listed in the text for in ALE 6A, after determining your strategies, write down all 11 possible strategy categories from table 5-4 on page 132 and list the strategies you came up with separately under each category heading as appropriate. For example, if you came up with two Forward Integration strategies, list them under that category. List all 11 categories even if you did not come up with a possible strategy for that category. Your strategies should be specific. For example: buy 7up bottling company (S_ ,S_, O_ ). In this case the S_ refers to the strengths you feel should be used such as S1 or S3 and the O_ refers to the opportunity you feel should be used such as O1 or O2. You can combine as many of each category as you need to come up with a strategy, but they all should be SO, ST, WO, or WT strategies


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Businesses need to stand out from competitors. This is achieved through coming up with products that are different from those produced by other firms in the industry.Apple Inc. has come up with new iPad tablets which are different from those produced by other electronics companies such as Toshiba and Samsung.

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