Dorothea Lange

write 3 pages and cite your work

Click on the link below to access some Depression-era photographs.


Analyze the photographs taken by Dorothea Lange for the Farm Security Administration.  What was she trying to show the viewer?


Apply your knowledge of the Depression era to an understanding of the photographs.  What evidence is there to support the view that the photos show the lives of people affected by the depression?


Evaluate the photographs.  Are Lange’s photographs accurate or inaccurate?  Explain and provide evidence.


Finally, create a response to Lange in which you describe a person (or group of people) affected by the Great Depression, whom you believe is not represented by Lange’s photos.  Be sure to provide evidence for this person





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Dorothea Lange is using photographs to present her documentary work since she is a great photographer. Through the photographs, she is trying to pass a message to the viewers. It is evident that the photographs are depressing and she makes sure that the photographs pass the exact message she intends to pass to the viewers. The photographs cover a series of events starting from the point where the migration started to the final stages of the drought and the dust blow. Before all these, the people in the photographs used to have a better life but things changed rapidly after the drought. The people in the pictures are suffering from various …

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