6-1 discussion

6-1 discussion

In your initial post, describe a situation when you stated a correlation. For example, you may have said that higher gas mileage performance and a higher percentage of highway driving are positively correlated.


Respond to your classmates’ posts and further discuss correlation and



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Response to Vanessa

This week’s discussion made me think about the correlation between collector’s items – typically in relation to celebrities, and the release of information pertaining to said celebrities. For example, when Carrie Fisher passed away, there was a huge increase in value for original novelty items and toys that came from the original Star Wars movies – i.e. action figures. When the celebrity news or next new movie comes out, there is a noticeable rise in demand for rare memorabilia or collectibles. When the news fades or there is a time between movie releases, the items can be found and obtained for less of a cost. I believe there is also a correlation between the availability of more common collectibles after the buzz of being in the spotlight lifts. For example, when Marvel releases a movie, it’s often difficult to purchase certain stock items, like finding a t-shirt in the appropriate size. Then say a DC movie is released, all of a sudden, the Marvel products are back out, stocked, and in abundance. I know this seems a bit far from mathematical calculation, but in my experience, this is something I thought of regarding correlation. I’m sure suppliers often look to statistical mathematics to help predict future sales in this regard.

Happy hobby shopping,


Response to Megan

Thinking about a correlation in nursing, I find myself correlating the time home health nurses spend in patient homes compared to the time spent in the office. The number of hours they spend traveling to visit their patients every week and those hours spent working in the office. I came to realize that there is definitely more time spent visiting those patients as compared to being in the office. The reason for this is because they provide more services on site and in home as compared to that of things done in the office. When they are in the office it is mostly just to complete paperwork and things of that nature which generally only takes 1-2 hours. While they are visiting clients, in home, they spend anywhere from 3 to upwards of 8 hours depending on the patient.


Those are the two response posts I need 3 paragraphs in total one for the question and then one for each response thanks

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After this week’s discussion, I thought about the correlation between shopping and a day or two to Christmas holidays. A day or two to Christmas holiday people become busy shopping. They shop for everything typically; from foodstuff to clothes, to toys, gifts and all sorts of things…………………..

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