7-2 Final Submission: Presentation

7-2 Final Submission: Presentation

client: you do have all the information from previous assignments.

This requires you to compile by copy pasting all that u have done before in this project,

the previous milestone is 6-2 Final Project Milestone Four: Presentation Practice
retrieve the other related assignments/milestones and put them together as per the attached instructions
I believe a powerpoint is required, and detailed speaker notes in a word document

Answer Preview…………….

The issue of air pollution has among the world most significant problem that affects the health and wellness of people. Air pollution involves releases of harmful gases into the atmosphere either naturally or through human actions. In the recent statistics, the parts of Asia and Europe have the highest level of air pollution resulting from industrial releases, energy companies and machinery pollutants (Lelieveld et al., 2015). The release of harmful or unclear…………….

APA 2511 words & 15 slides

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