Sociological factors

The following out of class assignments require the student to define/utilize/and apply many relevant sociological concepts presented in the course. These activities are intended to be interesting, fun, and enlightening. Your written response for each assignment below should be between 1.5 pages in length (typed, double spaced, 12 point font).


#5: Write a short biography wherein you highlight the sociological factors that have influenced your life. Those could include social class, religion, race/ethnicity, position in the global social structure, or any other topics covered in the class.



Social class : normal person

race : middle estern





preview of the answer..

Our social environment is a huge factor in our way of life and social identity. The people around us and our culture have a great significance in a person’s way of life. This is because we tend to imitate what the people around us do. Besides this, our actions and behaviors are influenced by our beliefs which we obtain from the culture we are in. Religion also has a huge impact on our lives. For example, through observing religious doctrines people are able to live …

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