9-1 MIS REVIEW QUESTIONS- complete answers



What are the unique features of e-commerce, digital markets, and digital goods?

  • Name and describe four business trends and three technology trends shaping e-commerce today.
  • List and describe the eight unique features of e-commerce.
  • Define a digital market and digital goods and describe their distinguishing features.

What are the principal e-commerce business and revenue models?

  • Name and describe the principal e-commerce business models.
  • Name and describe the e-commerce revenue models.

How has e-commerce transformed marketing?

  • Explain how social networking and the “wisdom of crowds” help companies improve their marketing.
  • Define behavioral targeting and explain how it works at individual Web sites and on advertising networks.
  • Define the social graph and explain how it is used in e-commerce marketing.

How has e-commerce affected business-to- business transactions?

  • Explain how Internet technology supports business-to-business electronic commerce.
  • Define and describe Net marketplaces and explain how they differ from private industrial networks (private exchanges).

What is the role of m-commerce in business, and what are the most important m-commerce applications?

  • List and describe important types of m-commerce services and applications.
  • Describe some of the barriers to m-commerce.

What issues must be addressed when building an e-commerce presence?


  • List and describe each of the factors that go into the building of an e-commerce Web site.
  • List and describe four business objectives, four system functionalities, and four information requirements of a typical e-commerce Web site.
  • List and describe each of the options for building and hosting e-commerce Web sites.




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There are various business trends that are shaping the e-commerce today. These businesses include; the rise in the sales of smartphones which has made it possible for people to easily access online products, the rapid growth in discount rates as the online retailers do not have much operating costs, peak season shopping which makes many people shop online for efficiency and showrooming whereby shoppers view products in their stores before making finals purchases online. On the other hand, technological trends are also increasing e-commerce. …

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