A Changing City: From Napoleon to Muhammad Ali

History Reaction Paper

Hi for this reaction paper it should be no more than 1-2 pages. The topic for this paper is Chapter Title: A Changing City: From Napoleon to Muhammad Ali. I have posted the PDF for this book down below. Also, there is a set guideline for writing this reaction paper here are the guidelines:

Guidelines for writing a reaction paper:

  1. Begin with an introductory sentence or two to present the subject to the reader.
  2. Followed by a short summary of the subject.
  3. Explain and pinpoint the main arguments the authors/authors make, meaning their thesis, and how it/they were presented. Your ideas about the subject? Reactions to the paper.
  4. Your analysis of the paper/s- . Examples are how did the author tackle the subject? Was it believable? Well backed up, or not? Well written? Convincing? If so why? It is always important that you back your argument/comment with a quote from the article.
  5. A short conclusion in which you tie everything together, and present your ideas in a short couple of sentences.

Although this is a reaction paper, your should avoid using “I” as much as possible, and it should be written in an academic manner. There are many ways of expressing your ideas, without saying ‘I think” or in “my opinion.”

As mentioned above, always ensure that you back up any claim with an example.

The paper should be double spaced.

Remember 1-2 Pages Max

Message me if you are confused about anything.



Subject:  Masters History

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