A Common Word

Please read the document posted under the “A Common Word” file for this assignment.You only need to read through page 74… I included the footnotes there at the end in case you wanted to follow up on any of them.

1. What do you think is the thesis or main goal of this document?

2. Towards the end of the document, it explains that the task of finding common ground is not simply an exercise for religious leaders and scholars to engage in so that they aren’t bored. Why do the authors of the document think this task is so important for this world?

3. Love of neighbor is obviously critical in this document. Explain how this love is about more than empathy/sympathy for both Muslims and Christians, according to this document.

4. Evaluate (in other words, say whether you agree and why/why not) the following claim based on your reading of the document: “This document does not ignore that there are significant differences between religious traditions, but succeeds at finding common ground through a close analysis of the scriptures of each tradition.”

5. How does the document use the scriptures of these 2 traditions to argue that they should not view each other as enemies?

Preview of the answer..

The main reason why people subscribed to these two religions must find a common ground is that there is no global peace if they are loggerheads. This is because of the fact that these two religions form over 55% of the world population. Furthermore, Muslims and Christians today interact in almost every aspect in their lives, something that makes it impossible for any of the two religions to emerge victorious in the event of a war between them. At the same time, the modern developments in warfare weapons imply that any conflict between the religions will have no other effects than mass destruction. Based on these aspects…

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