A Psychological Selfie Portrait

A Psychological Selfie Portrait

There are only 2 total discussion topics for this class. I will take care of the tests and quizzes. please have the answers for each of the discussion on their own document. attached below each of the discussion topics.


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My selfie contains black and white color; this is following my love for the black and white images right form the past (Crozier & Greenhalgh, 1988). The black and white color indicates my lack of energy following and busy day. In the selfie, I somehow look exhausted, and this was the case. Right from the background where I took the photo, it is possible to tell that the selfie is depicting emotions. From the selfie, one can know that I’m emotional. Furthermore, this selfie portrays me as a moody individual. The white background and grey clothing in the selfie illustrate the low vigor and mood.  In composition, the selfie is depicted in a portrait mode. I have stood in a simple posture which indicates boredom. I  chose a whitened background which illustrates nothing but a solid color. The background cannot tell the setting or the location where I took the selfie since it portrays fewer details………………

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