A Team Approach

A Team Approach

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My innovative vision for a new era of sports recreation & management starts before the professional level. I will introduce a Student-Athlete Business Camp. This is a national initiative to increase the scope and depth of young athletes as they prepare for a career in sports. The first addition of SABC will bring promising young student-athletes from around the country, who have exemplified what it means to be a student, leader, and athlete together to have unmatched access and educational information from entrepreneurial leaders and successful money management professionals.The three-day camp will include in-depth classroom instructional formatting to increase financial awareness, money management, and investments. The camp’s primary purpose is to equip the student athletes with the proper guidance to solidify their chances of maintaining financial security throughout their athletic career and beyond.
At the next level I may encounter some resistance, because people are accustomed to business as usual, but it is unusual that athletes are going broke within five years of retirement.

In Why Do So Many Athletes Go Broke? International Business, Times (2012) reports,
According to Sports Illustrated, most retired football players end up having money troubles. After they’ve stopped playing for two years, 78 percent of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are having trouble financially. Sixty percent of NBA players go broke within five years of retirement.

My clients will understand that every aspect of their life contributes to their job performance. How they eat, sleep, train, think, and how they function in their personal lives will determine how they perform in their professional lives. To have such an intimate relationship with someone must be cultivated through trust. I want to know who, what, when, how, and where of their lives and their vision of the future. My philosophy is to develop my clients into professional business people. I want them to lay out their business agenda, with vision and decisive goals. Then I will assist in prioritizing their plan. I only exist if my clients are successful. I am only as effective, as my clients are. If they are not producing or achieving on the highest level, then I am not providing them with the best resources or leadership. Management of this level is not just about business, but every detail of the person’s life. This may seem invasive on a personal level, but we all know that things happen on and off the field, floor, swimming pool, or whatever type of arena that can ruin a career and all future viable revenue streams. The wellbeing and level of professionalism I will employ is non-negotiable.

I will not allow my clients to harbor a false sense of financial security. Settling for what is instead of what can be if they only focus on a vision for a better future. They must be the guardians of their goals. They will learn to be non apologetic when it comes to their financial future and the well being of their families.

My experience in management, motivation, negotiations, and team building will be the foundation of my agency. “We Believe in Building a Future for the Athlete.”

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