The content of this speech should be a fictional speech of introduction, toast, or eulogy concerning an individual

A Toast to Grandma

Special Occasion Speech

Speech length 2-3 minutes

Option 1: The content of this speech should be a fictional speech of introduction, toast, or eulogy concerning an individual or individuals with whom the audience is familiar.Choose a person to speak about (e.g., a historical figure, a current film or television star, a person in the class), and construct a speech that discusses his or her qualifications or positive personal qualities.

Option 2: Give an introduction or a toast to someone special in your life.

Provide an introduction to gain the audience’s attention and a clear, relevant statement of purpose.

Use a clear organizational pattern that allows the audience to follow your speech (follow your key-word outline)

Provide closure and leave the audience with information that is interesting

Remember this speech can mix factual events with fictional events.Be creative! Be sure that you focus on the interesting aspects of your speech topic.Do not merely provide a list of the events or achievements.Create a vivid and memorable image that will be interesting to the audience.

You must submit a TYPED outline before you present your speech. If the outline is not submitted BEFORE you deliver your speech, you will


hello ,

i need an outline ill send you an example of one on how it should look an i wanna do the special occasion speech on my grandma or what do you have an mind to do a special occasion speech on?

an also can you tell me on a different document on what words I should put on the note cards while talking an front of the class.

For the note cards how I need you to put on a separate document so I can copy it to my note cards

my grandma passed away .  come up with something great to honour my Grandma’s memory
6 hours ago
They can not be like this
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A Toast to Grandma

Title: A Toast to Grandma


Specific Purpose: To honour one of the greatest women to have been part of my life.

Thesis Statement: People do not achieve recognition from achieving much success, but by having the slightest of impact on people who mean much to them.


  1. Attention getter: We all make an effort to ensure that those closest to us understand out appreciation of their presence, but seldom do we think of what they could have to say of us in our presence………..

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