Personal experience with academic dishonesty.

Personal experience with academic dishonesty.

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Topic: Introduction to Nursing Practice

1.       Complete the quiz and review your answers.  You do not need to share your results with your peers.  (This quiz is a self assessment.  There are no results or grade.  You don’t need to be able to click on the answers.  You just need to identify how you feel and think about the different situations and then give each a severity.  This is for self-awareness.  The college has strict academic integrity policies you must follow, regardless of your beliefs.  You may find that your beliefs do not align with those rules from time to time.)
2.       Identify at least 1 personal experience with academic dishonesty.
3.       Obtain 1 scholarly article from a nursing journal that discusses academic dishonesty in nursing education.  Select one academic dishonesty practice common in nursing education today (discussed in the journal article) and summarize the practice and its impact in nursing education.
4.       Pose a though provoking question or pose a specific scenario to your peers about academic dishonest in nursing education and/or nursing practice.

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In 2016, I was in my first year into nursing school, and I cheated about missing my end of semester exams. I was a new to the academic dynamics in college and was not familiar to the routine unlike in high school where everything is set out for you. I experienced numerous instances that I missed lectures and practical exercises because I could not locate the specific buildings that were assigned for the classes I was supposedly to attend. In addition, I was amazed that nobody was there to push you or coerce you to attend classes. Being young and naïve I thought that nobody was actually eager to follow up on my attendance patterns in college. In…………..

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