Academic Goals for Nursing: Nursing Portfolio

Academic Goals for Nursing: Nursing Portfolio

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Lillie Dietrich

Week 8

Academic Goals for Nursing: Nursing Portfolio

A portfolio is a way to document your professional journey and demonstrate your skills and abilities. If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, provide evidence of your value, and let possible employers get to know the type of work that you’re capable of, then you’ll need to create a professional portfolio. You should include projects you have worked on, jobs, volunteer opportunities, and any type of specialized goals that will help you stand out from another candidate. The portfolio is something to be constantly working on, even if you are not actively looking for a job. That way you will have it ready at moment’s notice when you need it.

A goal that I am working on that will help in my long-term nursing career and also meets the University’s emphasis on social change, is to work with a company called Global X as a nursing volunteer on a medical mission. This is something that I want to eventually establish as a fulltime career as a practitioner. But as an RN, I am currently applying to work as a nursing volunteer to work as a nurse on a medical mission either in the United States or abroad.

This is something that can help change the way we look at nurses as a whole. By treating people in different situations, different countries, different socio-economic situations, we start to break down barriers and truly get back to basics of real medicine. I have loved being a trauma nurse and helping those in need, but in reality, my nursing goals are not yet met due to this desire to help people who truly need help and can not gain the resources or medical needs that will help them survive. This is something that will be on my portfolio and hopefully help me stand out amongst others.


Burns, Margaret. (May, 2018). Ohio Nurses Review: Creating a Nursing Portfolio. May/Jun2018; 93(3): 16-17. 2p. Retrieved from:

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