accessible diversity-related material is on this website

Write a paragraph on question 3 questions below:
Evaluate how accessible diversity-related material is on this website. Is there a direct link from the home page?
What type of results does entering the term diversity in a search box yield?
Or, do you have to explore on your own?
Sometimes searching for “careers” or “press releases” may produce some diversity-related results. On some web sites, you will have to explore deeply into web pages to find material related to diversity. What does this say about the organization’s commitment to diversity?

Chipotle is the company
Answer Preview
Finding diversity information on the home page of Chipotle Company is not easy. This is because there is no a direct link on the website the talks bout the company’s employees. This aspect makes it difficult for a person to know the number of employees the company has, their composition in terms of race, gender and ethnicity and the method used to hire them. Instead, the company only focuses on explaining the type of foods they offer to clients, how to contact them and their core values. The only diversity that a person observes is in the foods they provide..
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