Additional Training

Additional Training


You are a member of the agency head’s command staff. In your role, you help to develop in-service training for your agency’s sworn officers. As an active member of the training team, you frequently participate and directly lead in these training sessions.

Your agency head asked you to develop two new in-service training programs for the agency for the next year. These can be 1) a mandatory training for ALL sworn personnel without regard to rank or 2) an opportunity for additional / new training for sworn personnel seeking to specialize in a role within your agency, change assignment, or advance in rank. Considering any concerns you have or deficiencies you perceive in the training and management of a public safety organization, what classes / topics will you include, how many hours would the training be, and would the training be mandatory or voluntary? Explain your rationale for all of these decisions.

Your answer should be between five and six pages in APA format (cover, four pages of your text, references). You need to identify and structure at least TWO in-service programs with specific topic descriptions, the reasons for the training to be offered, how many hours / days are involved, the specific range of sub-topics to be covered, and related details.


Answer Preview…………..

Biohazard Training. The sworn officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation such as Special agents and Law Enforcement come in contact with various types of material during their working. However, very limited information is given to them during their training concerning biohazards probably because of the assumption that the unsworn personnel who specialize in biology will handle such issues (Welcome to, 2016). However, the fact is, the sworn officers are mostly the ones who contact evidence and other materials in crime scenes and other areas while conducting their duties. Therefore, it is important that all sworn personnel and taken through intensive training concerning biohazards before they are allowed to work in the field for their protection as well as the protection of Americans. Officers should learn how to identify the biohazards, read their signs where possible, know the types, learn how to protect themselves and also have a method of reporting potential biohazards. The aim of the course will be to prepare the sworn officers on how to respond before the arrival of the specialists in the areas of biohazards…….

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