Adopting Cloud Services

Adopting Cloud Services


You will investigate the needs of a company named: Kent House Irish Pub and think of how using the “CLOUD” could help them. You will be “pitching” your ideas to the class as if you were presenting to the company.

1.What are the benefits? The Challenges?
2.Who are the relevant stakeholders?

these are my parts
i need at least 950 words paper with 3-4 powerpoint slides and with speaker point.notes on a separate word doc

please see the following attachments
1- old paper but for different company ; about best buy
2- the proposal
3- case paper requirements as general

Answer Preview………………

Benefits. Cloud services for Kent House Irish Pub presents the possibility of many benefits to the business. The first thing to observe is that many businesses are increasingly appreciating the need for digitalized systems that amass the benefits of efficiency and convenience to the business owners. Therefore, by adopting this system, Kent House will be joining the countless business enterprises in Towson and around the country that have appreciated the need for better services and more convenience with the cloud services. The convenience of storage, access, and also the improvement of the efficiency of the business are some of the benefits expected from the cloud adoption by the pub.   The first benefit that the business stands to reap from this strategic change is the simplicity of storage and the convenience that comes with it. Cloud storage allows the storage of information on a server that is hosted on the Cloud. This storage is crucial for tracking employee………

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