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>  *Diversity of Adult Learning Settings* As you have seen in this week’s

> Learning Resources, there are as many adult learning settings as there are
> types of adult learners. One way to begin to understand the adult learners
> with whom you work is by examining the settings in which they learn. Choose
> one setting of adult learning that you will research and teach your
> classmates about. This may be a setting that you have experienced as a
> learner or as an educator. It can also be a setting that you would like to
> get involved with in the future.
> Once you have selected an adult learning setting to explore, do some
> investigation on the Internet to spur your thinking or expand your
> understanding. Also call on your own knowledge to understand this
> particular context of adult learning as deeply as possible. Use the
> following questions to guide your research:
> What are some examples of this educational setting?
> What kinds of learners participate? Who are they? Are they all similar or
> quite different?
> What do you think are the learners’ motivations for being there?

> *Note:* If your fellow students have posted before you, please read their
> posts *before* you start writing, so as not to overlap. Choose a setting

> that has not already been chosen by someone else. The goal here is to
> explore as many different contexts of adult learning as possible.

> *Post* a summary of your investigation. Based on your results, explain how

> having an understanding of the setting can inform your work with adult
> learners.

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Engaging adult learners in a corporate setting is a perfect example of a setting that enables adult learners to access a wide range of training processes. Many examples characterize this kind of educational setting. As an example, a corporate learning environment enables adult learners to acquire specific skills and design experience that can be applied in different areas. Learners in this setting share common goals and aspirations that they seek to achieve at a certain point in life. Although such an environment motivates adult learners in different ways, I strongly believe that the existence of a variety of learning styles and diverse clients acts as a major source …

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