assignment: write an advertisement for an imaginary product targeting your ethnicity or community. Include a short slogan and visual. no more than 250 words of text.

(my ethnicity is filipino and european *sicilian and white*)




preview of the answer..

Are you going for a job interview, wedding or any other official? If so, then you have found a solution for the suit to wear in the event you are attending. Clinsmark suits are designed for official functions and will bring out quality features in you. These suits are affordable despite their high quality. For example, a three piece standard Clinsmark suit costs $1,500 whereas a two piece similar suit costs $1,400.

            Clinsmark suits offer clients with an executive experience as it is made with features that make people wearing them composed and comfortable. At the same time, these suits are designed for different purposes and retail at different prices. This is because if the fact that the company understands the diversity. For instance, wedding suits are designed to fit the occasion …

274 words APA

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