How have you been affected by a teacher in your life?

Discussion Topic

Part 1:

American Indians generally meet academic expectations until they’re in the fourth grade, then they begin a downward trend. Knowing this, formulate a plan for you, a school counselor in a predominately American Indian school. What procedures, tools, and issues would you utilize in helping the teachers at your school plan effective learning experiences for your young learners? How would you motivate and influence the students in your school to learn? What activities can you create for the children in your school, and their families, that will engage them to be part of the educational process?

Part 2:

Please watch the following TED Talks video:

Pierson, R. (2013, May). Every kid needs a champion [Video file]. Retrieved from

What does Educator Rita Pierson believe is the most important component in educating a child and preventing them from dropping out of school?  Do you agree with her? How have you been affected by a teacher in your life?

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