Aircraft brakes scandal

In the case study, Vandivier found his professional code of conduct, moral
> standards, and legal standards came into conflict with one another.
> Determine whether you believe Vandivier did the right thing or not, and
> either criticize or defend his decision to write the qualification report.
> Propose an alternative course of action Vandivier could have take.
> The A7D Affair. The case study is from William H. Shaw’s *Business Ethics*
> and can be found in the PDF document of the textbook. Copyright © Cengage
> Learning 2013. All rights reserved.





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The world of business is not always ebb and flow as it is depicted by the B.F Goodrich Corporation where Kermit Vendivier worked. Ethics refer to set principles that people use to determine what is right or wrong. In the famous whistleblower case study of the Air force brake scandal Kermit gets to appoint in his life when his superego and his id are actually in conflict. In this case he requested by his supervisor to actually draft a falsified report to prove that the brake design the Goodrich company had developed was actually n accordance to the set standards  In the process it is discovered that the brakes were faulty owing to their failure in the tests they were put through. Through a series of events where Vandivier was actually in the risk of being accused of conspiracy he opts to whistle blow on the whole issue in an article he wrote “why …

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