Al-Ghazali’s Influence on Jewish Thinkers of the High Middle Ages

Al-Ghazali’s Influence on Jewish Thinkers of the High Middle Ages

my topic for this paper is al-Ghazali’s influence on Jewish thinkers of the high Middle Ages.There must be 10 published sources for this paper.My professor doesn’t accept any source from NY Times,internet or anywhere else.They must be journal articles and chapters from books.You can also use but you have to pick published sources from there.

please be very careful about the instructions

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Please dont forget that all the sources must be published so you can not get anything from internet sources or NY Times or the other places

use books and journal articles only as sources, and dont include their links as this will change them to be web sources.
Use chicago style, I am sending a guide.
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Al-Ghazali was among the famous as well as influential philosophers, mystics, jurists as well as theologians of the Sunni Islam and had an origin of the Persian. He was a Sufi and was linked with initiating the harmonization between the Sufi tradition and Islamic Orthodoxy.1 His apologetic work that is religious was termed as Tahafut al-Falasifa (“incoherence of the philosopher”) which is an essential landmark in the philosophy history as it makes the advancement of the nominalist critique of the Aristotelian Science which was established in around the late 13th Century

1 Thomson, Garrett, and Daniel Kolak. The Longman Standard History of Medieval Philosophy. Routledge, 2016………..

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