Alcohol and the Human Body

Alcohol and the Human Body


Please only Bid if you have this textbook: Concepts of Chemical Dependency 10th
Edition Harold E. DOWEIKO
Read Chapter 4 of your Doweiko textbook.
Write a 1-2 page paper addressing alcohol.
To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be
thoroughly addressed.
 Give a brief comparison of historical use of alcohol and today’s use.
 Explain the production process and the pharmacology of alcohol.
 Present an overview of the biotransformation of alcohol and of blood alcohol level
(and implications of this rough approximation for an individual’s level of intoxication).
 Examine the subjective effects of alcohol on the social drinker and the medical
complications of alcohol use.
 Provide at least two sources. Citations to the dictionary should be provided on top of
the required two sources. The Bible should not be listed in the References page, but
does have to be cited in-text.
 Use the Paper Writing rubric provided in the syllabus to ensure you have met all of the


Answer Preview…………….

The Evolutionary Concept of Alcohol Use. The consumption of alcohol has evolved a great deal over the centuries. Today, Alcohol is no longer a ‘sacred’ drink. Doweiko points out that alcohol enjoyed ceremonial usage in early civilization due to its inebriating effects. The substance also had a manifest utility in the crude medical procedures, with the substance finding use as a sanitizer. However with the evolution of medicine, and the general dissociation of religion from politics, alcohol became more of a recreational drink. Even though there are times, such as in early America, when alcoholic beverages were a ready substitute for water, for hydration purposes. The discussion in this paper highlights the physiological effects of alcohol and its impact on the human body……………..

APA 585 words

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