america is in the heart by carlos bulosan

reference: america is in the heart by carlos bulosan (book)

content: analyze one topic of your choice pertaining to asian american literature (one book we read in class). make a persuasive presentation of your ideas. overall content must be original, sophisticated and insightful. the paper analyzes the topic thoroughly; no grammatical errors, no inaccurate citations or inaccurate paraphrasing from the readings.

organization: paper develops an argument or thesis statement rather than merely listing evidence. body paragraphs of the essay are clearly linked to the thesis and follow logically from it (make sure that you have good transitions between paragraphs); each paragraph adds a new evidence to demonstrate the thesis. make sure to choose a thesis that is both broad enough for 5-7 pages, but narrow enough to tackle in only 5-7 pages.
conclusion considers the ramifications of the thesis (or answer the question, “so what?”).

evidence: argument is convincingly supported by evidence such as quotations from the assigned reading texts or analysis of a specific scene in a film; quotes are integrated into the paper using parenthetical citation (identify author’s last name, and cite page of the text); quotes are followed by a thorough analysis that shows how they are evidence. you need to use at least two citations (ie: one from your reading and one from the library—not from the web). include a bibliography at the back of the paper.

do not plagiarize (university offense).

all submitted papers must be typed, double-spaced, 12 point font with 1 inch margins on both sides. palatino font or times new roman is preferred (not bold or italics). papers should be single-sided and stapled.

be sure to understand the terms that you use in your paper. if a term is not clear, define it within the body of the paper,
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Racism is a problem that has affected the US for a very long time. The problem began when Europeans conquered the American continent during the colonial days, and still exists in the modern day. This is despite the many measures that have been put in place to deal with this problem. In this book, Carlos Bulosan brings out the problems that Filipino immigrants went through in the US during the great depression period. During those days, signs such as “Filipinos not allowed” were very common across the US. This made it extremely difficult for these people to survive since getting jobs was extremely..

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