The American Correction Association

The American Correction Association

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TOPIC: Discuss or reflect upon the American Correctional Association (ACA) from its beginning, including the profound impact the association has had on prisoner rights and its influence on the field of corrections.


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According to the American Correction Association official website, the organization began in 1870. It was founded in 1870 in Cincinnati, Ohio during a meeting as the National Prison Association. The National Prison Association was the result of an assembly that was called by the then governor of the state of Ohio as well as the head of the National Prison Association Mr. Rutherford B. Hayes. The meeting was titled “Congress on Penitentiary and Reformatory Discipline” and as aimed at pressuring the U.S. Congress to create laws that would reform the prison system at the time (ACA). The central development of the 1870 meeting was the passing of the 37 principles that were formed to guide the professionals of the correctional system of the time on how to operate the correctional facilities humanely. The main aim of the principles that were passed was to encourage the prison professionals to cultivate self-respect among the prisoners and also create healthy environments with proper heating and ventilation for the living of the prisoners…………

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