American History of Education

American History of Education

minimum length of 200 words in answer to your individually assigned prompt. Must cite sources

  • After watching the presentation “American History of Education” in Blackboard Module 3, discuss how the story of American education is far from the same for all people groups. Considering the content both from the video and from Gutek’s chapter on “Twentieth Century American Education,” what factors made this so throughout history and what factors make it so today?Has American education become more inclusive over time?Substantiate your answer.

A History of the Western Educational Experience

Author: Gerald L. Gutek

ISBN: 9781478629931

ref and cite the book

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Before the invention of agriculture, people depended on natural foods and children spent their days playing while the adults gathered naturally grown foods and hunted wild animals for food. However the invention of agriculture brought in a lot of food, and there was plenty of work to do in the farms hence the need for laborers. Slaves were imported to work in these fields………………..

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